CBD dabs/wax/shatter is made by extracting cannabidiol from hemp plants using a carbon dioxide process. This method ensures that solely the purest CBD is extracted. Carbon dioxide method is safe because it removes all unwanted substances from the made hemp oils. Since the CBD in this wax comes from hemp plants, it has low THC levels and high CBD levels. That’s very important because THC is responsible for the high feeling that is associated with marijuana. Medical marijuana is created for its psychoactive substance containing flowers however its not the case with hemp. The stalks of hemp are used to make CBD shatter.

The reason people use concentrates is because the effects and wellness benefits are immediate.

This poses the question… What is the best way to dab?

There are two options of dabbing CBD dabs.

Option 1:

You can use either a dab rig (for pro’s) or a dab pen (for beginners).To use dab rigs, apply a small piece of wax/shatter on the “nail” and then apply it to the pre-heated bowl. Now take a hit and enjoy the wellness benefits of CBD.

Option 2:

Apply your concentrate to the heatable coil inside the dab pen. Press a bottom and take a slow and steady hit. Relax and enjoy the benefits of CBD. It’s convenient and compact design makes it prefect for those on the go situations. They are also travel friendly since they fit easily in pockets and carry bags.

You can’t go wrong with either option as long as the concentrate is properly heated up, you can inhale your CBD on the go.


The benefits of Hemp Concentrates is that wax has a high amount of CBD concentration with can be absorbed by your body instantly. As soon as you inhale! Therefore, it’s one of the ideal CBD products to take if you want to experience the effects fast. As such, this product is ideal if you wish to use CBD for pain. Most CBD merchandise is typically safe to be used by the whole family since they're natural and a healthy alternative option to most standard medicines. However, slight caution ought to be exercised when using CBD shatter. That because taking this wax entails heating and this is not ideal for youngsters. Additionally, lactating and pregnant women should avoid CBD shatter.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

Smoking, vaping, and/or breathing hemp oil shatter has become more and more well-liked as a result of it, the user can experience the potential CBD health advantages virtually instantly. Nevertheless, it’s wise to start out with tiny amounts of premium grade CBD shatter and increase your dose from there. CBD concentrates are currently being used by thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people due to its increasing popularity and health benefits. If you want to begin taking CBD products and have a fondness for working with concentrates, then you should perhaps consider buying from Hempful Hemp where only the best of the best CBD wax is sold. It is legal, safe, and it's super convenient to use.