Skin Conditions

For several decades, CBD has been made use of as a therapeutic support for different conditions. Studies recently conducted have revealed that CBD is capable of relieving different conditions of the skin. Overall, there is an abundance of cannabinoid receptors in the brain. The skin is one of the other major organs that have cannabinoid receptors. This implies that CBD is likely to relieve a number of skin conditions. And besides the growing awareness of the benefits of the system of endocannabinoid for the general human health, more scientists are trying to establish how CBD can relieve more skin problems. This implies that CBD is capable of revolutionizing the beauty and skincare industry and the healthcare sector as a whole.

Studies on CBD as a potential to relieve Skin Conditions

A study published in the British Journal of Pharmacology in 2013 revealed that CBD decreases keratin 10 mRNA through a mechanism that is CB1 receptor-dependent. The conclusion arising from this study was that CBD is likely to be used for developing new therapeutic drugs for alleviating the symptoms associated with the severe conditions of the skin.

Another study centered on the role played by the endocannabinoid system in fighting against cutaneous melanoma. This study revealed that AEA is instrumental in the induction of cytotoxicity against the human melanoma cells within the micromolar concentrations range via a complex mechanism which involves the synthesis of COX-2, LOX-derived products as well as the activation of CB1.

Another study was undertaken in 2006 to evaluate the effects which CBD has on Pruritus. It involved 22 patients who had therapy-resistant pruritus. According to the findings of the study, CBD had pleasant effects on 14 out of the 22 patients. The patients reported a 85.4% reduction in itch following the use of CBD and all of them indicated tolerance to the therapy.

Another study was also conducted in 2007 to establish how receptors of cannabinoid affect allergic contact dermatitis. This study came to the conclusion that the system of endocannabinoid plays a protective role in contact allergy on the skin. Hence, scientists suggested that CBD is used to develop therapeutic aids which offer therapeutic intervention.

Final Thoughts

The findings of these studies confirmed that CBD can offer therapeutic aid for different skin problems. And, at present, CBD products are available in online stores. No doubt, this is cheering news for people battling such skin problems as psoriasis, dermatitis, and skin cancer. In addition, people can make use of CBD to decrease skin dryness, remove warts and rashes, and take care of fungal infections. Basically, CBD can be used to remedy nearly all skin problems.