CBD Inflammation Lotion 250MG

CBD Inflammation Lotion 250MG

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This product from Hempful Hemp is our naturally scented soothing inflammation cream that contains 250 mg of CBD. Comes in a 1 oz package.

Suggested Use:

Using the top part of your fingernail, scoop the amount needed (start with small amounts) until the affected area is covered and absorbed completely.  This product is for external use only!


  • organic MCT Oil

  • organic calendula

  • organic st.john wort

  • organic comfrey root

  • peppermint

  • arnica

  • organic beeswax

  • organic cocoa butter

  • organic shea butter

  • camphor essential oil

  • organic eucalyptus essential oil

  • organic lavender essential oil

  • wintergreen essential oil

  • clove essential oil

  • full-spectrum hemp extract (including 250 mg CBD)

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