Seizures & Epilepsy

Epilepsy refers to a neurological disorder which is marked by sudden and repeated bouts of sensory disturbances. On the other hand, seizures refer to the uncontrolled electrical activity of the brain which can produce negligible physical signs, physical convulsion, thought disturbances, or a mix of the symptoms. Epilepsy can result in seizures. Although epilepsy and seizures are caused mainly by tumors and head injury, the causes of about 50% of seizures are not known. Epilepsy and seizures have debilitating effects and, usually, they negatively affect the ability of a patient to lead a joyful life.

CBD as a Possible Natural Relief Supplement For Seizures

Testimonials given by patients and formal research have revealed that CBD has the capacity to alleviate symptoms of epilepsy and seizures. Findings of numerous studies have pointed to the fact that cannabidiol has powerful anti-epileptic effects. Nonetheless, the mechanisms through which CBD ameliorates epilepsy are not yet known. Some researchers are of the opinion that these anti-epileptic properties of CBD are due to its ability to regulate the nervous system, others attribute those properties to CBD’s capacity to ameliorate inflammation… and every other person considers it to be a blend of the two. Whichever way, we are moving towards getting natural therapeutic support for seizures.

However, research has shown that cannabidiol is more effective in comparison with orthodox anti-epileptic and seizures curative support. In fact, cannabidiol has been confirmed to be as potent as carbamazepine and chlordiazepoxide which are common medicines for epilepsy as well as seizures. Therefore, scientists are of the opinion that CBD is capable of ameliorating epilepsy and seizures when used in combination with other antiepileptic drugs as it enhances the impact of those drugs.

Why Should You Consider Taking CBD For Epilepsy?

A number of studies have confirmed that cannabidiol has therapeutic properties as far as relieving epilepsy and seizures are concerned. Although there exists no medication without side effects, the side effects of cannabidiol are minimal when used to alleviate epilepsy and seizures compared with the side effects of orthodox medications used for treating seizures. This explains why it is better therapeutic support for the aforementioned condition than orthodox medications.

Research has also revealed that CBD offers unique benefits when used for the purpose of ameliorating epilepsy and seizures compared to the present-day prescription anticonvulsants. Research has also shown that CBD does not show the only anticonvulsant effect of the cannabinoids which are applied exogenously but also reduces the duration of seizure by activating CB1 receptors.

Recommendations Before Taking CBD

People suffering from epilepsy and seizures can receive considerable benefits from the use of CBD for the purpose of decreasing or preventing episodes of a seizure. However, patients are advised to choose products that are made from CBD only to prevent the high feeling which is usually caused by THC. What is more, it’s always essential to know all options available to you prior to deciding on your therapeutic support… However, before begging to use CBD for Seizures and Epilepsy it is advisable that you do more research and bring that new knowledge to the physician to figure out the best way to add CBD to your existing therapeutic plan. Nonetheless, we have a wide variety of products to choose from. Shop Now.