A number of studies have revealed that CBD is likely to help with PTSD. PSTD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a group of dangerous physical, mental, and emotional symptoms which occur when a person has been exposed to events that are traumatic. These symptoms are commonly found among the civilian and military populations and they are linked to physical, emotional, and mental changes.

CBD happens to be a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in the seeds, stalks, and flowers of cannabis plants. Although cannabidiol has not gotten the approval of the FDA as therapeutic support for PTSD, different studies have revealed that the cannabinoid has a lot of therapeutic benefits as it offers solutions to these problems. Cannabidiol has also revealed its ability to decrease impairment to cognition, discomfort, and anxiety among people who have social phobia. This is because it can interact with the receptors of 5-HT1A in the central nervous system.

How CBD Affects Veterans with PTSD

Studies have revealed that the levels of anandamide are significantly lower among people who battle PTSD. Anandamide is the inner human cannabis. Therefore, CBD is used to treat the shortage of anandamide among the sufferers of PTSD. When these sites of receptors are filled up with cannabidiol, they play a very important therapeutic role in the therapeutic aid of PTSD thereby relieving patients of memory problems.
At present, a number of studies have revealed that CBD can assist in the therapeutic support of PTSD as well as anxiety reduction.

These studies have shown that CBD is capable of doing the following when utilized as therapeutic support for PTSD:
* Block mood receptors
* Modulate pain receptors
* Modulate stress hormone
* Promote sleep hormone
* Enhance extinction learning
* Block reconsolidation memory

Further Studies On potentially relieving PTSD with CBD

At present, the majority of studies on the potency of CBD as therapeutic support for PTSD are premised on clinical trials. There exist inadequate, published results on the actual potency of CBD in alleviating PTSD symptoms in humans. However, a study published in 2015 has revealed encouraging results among people who enrolled in marijuana programs in New Mexico.
The programs involved data collection from a psychiatric assessment of 80 patients with PTSD. Researchers collected results prior to the administration of CBD therapeutic support and after the administration of therapeutic support. The study verified that CBD was responsible for more than 75% reduction of the symptoms and severity of PTSD.
At present, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies is undertaking research on the impacts of the inhalation of cannabis among veterans battling PTSD. The University of British Columbia is also carrying out another research on the effects of CBD on the sufferers of PTSD.
Taking into consideration the currently verified facts and the research which is being carried out, it’s probable that CBD will ultimately become a potent and generally accepted therapeutic support for PTSD in the future.