Prion & Mad Cow

Scientific study has revealed that CBD can assist in the management or therapeutic aid of the severe condition of Mad Cow/Prion. In humans, the severe condition of Prion is marked by mental deterioration which occurs very quickly and is typically felt within a few months. The symptoms of this severe condition are depression, anxiety, personality changes, impaired thinking, loss of memory, difficulty in speaking, insomnia, blurred vision, blindness, and sudden and jerky movements. The aforementioned symptoms get worse as the severe condition advances and finally, the patient gets into a coma. Respiratory severe conditions, heart failure, and pneumonia ultimately result in the patient’s death.

Cannabidiol Might Play a Novel Role in potentially relieving Prion or Mad Cow severe condition

CBD is characterized by non-psychoactive actions. Therefore, it can be of help to Prion patients. CBD is a natural pain killer. Also, it activates areas of the brain in the same manner that opioids do thereby helping to kill the pain. This effect is essential for controlling transmission at the synapses in the system of endocannabinoid. This implies that it assists in reducing pain.

In addition, CBD is a neuroprotective substance. As such, it helps prevent degradation of neurons thereby decreasing oxidative stress. Research has revealed that CBD hinders glutamate production. This lowers the risk of ischemic spoilage thereby protecting the cells of the brain. And, because illnesses associated with Prion such as the severe condition of Mad Cow disease destroy the nervous and mental system, CBD can be of high benefits to the patients.

How CBD Works Against Prion severe condition

A report published in the Journal of Neuroscience has revealed that people who ingest marijuana that has high levels of CBD have less probability of developing the severe condition of Mad Cow disease. This severe condition leads to the accumulation of disease-causing particles within the brains of man and animal. It uses Prions for the degeneration or deterioration of the brain. Scientists have argued that CBD functions by making it impossible for Prions to enter the brain. As a consequence, this lowers the probability of having this severe condition.

A number of studies have come up with findings indicating that CBD is capable of protecting neurons against molecular and cellular factors which are involved in the process of neurodegeneration. This process comes into play once Prions enter the brain. Therefore, the ability to go straight to the human brain coupled with the fact that it has no side effects makes cannabidiol a perfect therapeutic aid for the severe condition of Prion or Mad Cow disease.

Why People Are Turning to CBD

At present, there is no potent therapeutic aid for the severe condition of Prion/Mad Cow disease. However, CBD has revealed that it has the ability to protect neurons in the brain against the infection of Prions. It can also offer protection for the neurons against other damage, such as damage caused by alcohol. These facts make cannabidiol a perfect therapeutic support for the majority of patients battling Prion severe condition.