Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

 Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a condition marked by repeated, unhealthy thoughts or behaviors which have negative effects on the healthy life of an individual.  What is responsible for this disorder remains unknown and about 2.3% of human beings are afflicted by it. OCD is usually noticed at puberty and if no therapeutic aid is given, it lives with the sufferers throughout their lives. Sufferers are often obsessed with specific thoughts and they are likely to show one or more obsessive behaviors. The sufferers know that what they are doing is abnormal, but since their condition is precipitated by anxiety, they are made to fear terrible things which are likely to happen if they fail to do what they are doing. The majority of the sufferers do what they do because they obtain relief from them while others cannot control OCD. As a consequence, they take the condition to be part of their life.

CBD for OCD Relief

 A number of studies have been undertaken to determine the effectiveness of CBD in alleviating OCD symptoms.  There has been research which involved injecting Meta-chloro-phenyl-piperazine (mCPP) in rats.  mCPP is present in ecstasy drugs and it elicits panic and OCD-like attacks in mammals.  Following the injection, the rats were put in cages filled with sand and marbles. The rats began to bury marbles as soon as they were put in the cages. This phenomenon was an OCD-like action which mCPP compound produces.

Following this observation, liquid CBD was administered and the behavior of the rats changed almost immediately. All the experimental rats ended their behavior regarding burying of marbles almost instantly and they went back to their normal functions. This implies that CBD put an end to all abnormal behaviors triggered by mCPP compound and the normal functioning of their brain was restored.


How Cannabidiol Works

When used for the purpose of relieving OCD, the anti-compulsive action of CBD prevents abnormal-compulsive behavior. Scientists have proposed that the relief is due to the interaction of the serotonergic with the system of cannabinoid.  Therefore, the study indicates that CBD is capable of being an excellent therapeutic  support for OCD and a natural option to the pharmaceuticals which are currently available. 

Why Consider taking CBD for OCD?

At present, the inhibitors of selective serotonin reuptake like antidepressants are made use of to relieve OCD. But, these therapeutic supports do not offer a permanent solution. In addition, anti-depressants make their users become addicted to them and they are capable of negatively affecting the health of people who use them over a long period. Usually, OCD requires a  prolonged therapeutic support for the sufferer to go back to their normal life.  This explains why it is reasonable to give natural solutions such as CBD for OCD a try.