An individual who suffers from migraine can bear witness to the fact that if this condition has gone past its initial stages, it can no longer be cured with medicines which can be bought over the counter.  Furthermore, migraine is totally different from a normal headache as it is often associated with terrible pain.  As a matter of fact, the pain is capable of prompting a patient to kill themselves. The good news for people who suffer from migraine is that CBD has been proved to be potent in treating the symptoms associated with a migraine. 

 Research has shown that for more than a century, marijuana has been very effective in relieving migraines or headaches. s. Also, there had been instances in which marijuana was used in the Chinese medical practice of old. In the 17th century and the earliest part of the 18th century, people preferred medicinal cannabis to other therapeutic prescriptions by some medical doctors. And, a number of contemporary studies have revealed that CBD is likely to help in treating a migraine or ameliorating its symptoms. Also, there exist stories of migraine patients who have successfully used CBD to relieve migraine. 

Studies on CBD Benefits for Migraines

Medical Study #1 

“Although there is no full understanding of the  precise ECS-dependent mechanisms  involved in migraine,   research findings have strongly suggested that  activating ECS  is likely to be a  potent  curative tool for  ameliorating both the inflammatory and physiological components of pain  which are  possibly involved in the attacks of migraine.” – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20353780

Medical Study #2

“The literature comes with a suggestion that using cannabis medicinally may have curative effects on a number of serious health conditions, especially chronic pain disorders, such as headache. Corroborating literature has suggested that cannabis and cannabinoids used for medicinal purposes play a significant role  in  various  forms of headache disorders,  such as  cluster headache and migraine …” – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26015168

Can CBD Relieve Headaches?

The existence of a system of endocannabinoid in the body man is an indicator of the effectiveness of CBD in ameliorating the symptoms associated with a migraine. The system of endocannabinoid consists of the receptors of cannabinoid as well as cannabinoids which are produced naturally by the body.  The binding of natural cannabinoids to the receptors of cannabinoids results in the blocking of pain as this triggers system-wide events which remove factors that are often responsible for the onset of a migraine. CBD obtained from the hemp plant functions like the cannabinoids that occur naturally in the body. Thus, CBD mainly hinders pain signals’ neurotransmission thereby decreasing the inflammatory response which often accompanies a migraine.

Scientists have suggested using CBD as a preventive therapeutic measure against a migraine.  Daily use of CBD has been proven to be potent in ameliorating migraine in a number of people. Among the CBD products which have been successfully used to treat a migraine are CBD oil, CBD edibles, and CBD cream. People have made use of CBD vaporizer or incorporated it into food and drinks or even put it beneath their tongue to alleviate the pain arising from a migraine.  The majority of people have recommended CBD oil and CBD wax which can be vaporized and inhaled to give instant relief.

Things to Consider Before Taking CBD

CBD happens to be a product that is non-psychoactive with a number of medicinal properties. No doubt, it’s a superlative pain reliever which offers natural healing effects which is devoid of a high feeling associated with marijuana.  Although there has not been a general acceptance of CBD as a curative aid for the pain associated with a migraine,   a number of patients have found it very effective in relieving pain.  However, anyone who wants to incorporate CBD into their diet for relieving migraine or headaches should speak with their physician before doing so.