Glaucoma is a problem of the eye which damages the optic nerve. If no urgent medical treatment is sought, glaucoma results in blindness. At present, more than 3 million Americans live with glaucoma. All over the world, this figure is about 60 million. This eye condition has been confirmed as the main cause of permanent blindness in human beings. Rising evidence has pointed out that the condition is linked to severe conditions of a neurodegenerative disorder such as Alzheimer’s severe condition. However, the actual cause of glaucoma is yet to be ascertained and it has kept the scientific community in the dark for years.

Current Glaucoma Relief Supplements

As the onset and the advancement of this condition are influenced by pressure within the eye, the focus of ophthalmologists has always been on therapeutic supports that regulate intraocular pressure. As a matter of fact, loss of vision can be best prevented by decreasing the levels of intraocular pressure. However, glaucoma can be relieved ameliorated using such medications as eye drops or surgery if necessary based on the advancement and how severe the condition is.

Is CBD Being Used To Relieve Glaucoma?

Cannabidiol has been recommended as therapeutic support for people suffering from glaucoma who do not want to experience the high feeling associated with smoking marijuana. Cannabidiol is also being employed to formulate additional drugs for glaucoma and, the derivatives are giving encouraging results.

Because CBD can be bought with ease online without any need to visit an ophthalmologist, a number of glaucoma sufferers have often used it to ameliorate their condition. However, this has remained a personal decision and it has had positive effects in a number of patients.

How CBD Could Benefit Someone With Glaucoma

A study conducted in 1979 which was published in the International Journal of Pharmacology and Biopharmacology, used16 people who had open-angle glaucoma that used cannabidiol to ameliorate their condition. The study confirmed that CBD lowered blood pressure triggered a rise in their heart rate. Eventually, intraocular pressure became reduced in the patients’ eyes. It is interesting to note that the effects of CBD were long-lasting in patients who had hypertension. Most importantly, high intraocular pressure causes damage to the ocular nerve. In the majority of cases, there exist no apparent symptoms prior to the patient’s losing their sight.

Studies have revealed that cannabidiol has a number of benefits on the user, among which are anti-inflammatory actions and its capacity to ameliorate issues such as insomnia, neuropathic pain, anxiety, ulcers, and convulsions. Several scientists have come to the conclusion that all the benefits highlighted above to assist in decreasing pressure within the eye.

Recommendations Before Taking Cannabidiol For Your Glaucoma

Day-to-day administration of cannabidiol has produced encouraging results in the curative aid of glaucoma. At present, there exist numerous cannabinoid-derived drugs which are being formulated. This implies that cannabidiol has the potential to become a generally accepted therapeutic support for glaucoma in the near future.

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