CBD E-Liquid/Dabbing?

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CBD, the abbreviation for cannabidiol, is one of the major cannabinoids produced in the cannabis plant. This is not psychoactive, like your partner, THC, but you can find a wider range of uses for therapeutic purposes. As a result, there is a rigorous investigation into the current use of CBD-rich oils and its anticonvulsant or anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory or anti-epileptic effects. Vaporization is now proven to be the most reliable input method for this amazing cannabinoid, so let's look at the different CBD E-fluid variants now.

The most effective way to consume CBD is through the respiratory system. This is our lungs. Vaporization is the healthiest and most effective way of delivering CBD to the lungs and the bloodstream. Their clean extraction, however, is dangerous as we put our vulnerable organs in the harmful pathways of pyrolytic, toxic ingredients that are released during firing. When eaten, it may not be effective enough depending on the particular product, as it can lead to insecure absorption and limited bioavailability. It is extremely dangerous to inject oil and it is usually quite big. Vaporization accelerates and ensures the effect and high bioavailability.


It is worth mentioning here that there are some heavy CBD oils that need to be digested and not suitable for vaporization - such as CBD oils in olive oil. CBD E-fluids are designed for vaporization: do not use CBD oil that has been developed for oral use.


Vaporization was originally designed to handle traditional Chinese herbal remedies more effectively. The method got a great reputation when it became the number one technology for e-cigarettes. They have been used successfully in thousands of people as help to quit smoking.

Without being very scientific, it can be said that vaporizers generally use an element to heat the e-liquid containing the selected compound. Such elements can be made of a lot of materials, but each produces a significant amount of heat. Liquids are heated to a point where it can evaporate - without burning products or other nonsense. The e-liquid is contained in an absorbent material with a pressure-activated element such as finished products such as simple vaporizers and e-cigarettes. We can also store larger units in larger refill units, such as pens, decks, and vials developed for this purpose.

By 2017, vaporization quickly became a phenomenon. Not only as a way of using CBD for medical purposes, but also for recreational purposes, with cannabis and its psychoactive extracts. The public is increasingly sympathetic with vaporization, while smoking is now tolerated in less and fewer places. The one who prefers the vaporization that he will not be able to enter will also be able to choose from the fluids that leave endless flavors and pleasant mouths.



E-liquids are most often made up of plant glycerol (VG) or propylene glycol (PG). Using one of these, they are combined with a variety of elements that add flavor to the experience or produce a special effect. Terpenes and other essential oils can also be used for aromatherapy or nicotine for those who try to quit cigarettes. Almost in the same way, CBD can be given to them for its beneficial, therapeutic effect.

Neither vegetable glycerol nor propylene glycol is harmful and both are used regularly in the food industry as wetting or sweetening agents. Vegetable glycerin is usually added to alcohol to preserve tinctures and extracts. Propylene glycol is also used as a carrier for injectable drugs. Both are a clean, odorless and semi-viscous liquid that can be heated, evaporated and inhaled.

Vaporization and CBD come together well. This is a compound that works most effectively when absorbed through the lungs with a technology that approaches the lungs in a benign and friendly manner.

When you look for CBD fluids, there are a couple of things you might want to keep in mind.


Is the liquid clean and homogeneous?

The liquid should be clear when it comes to light and not cloudy. As with other fluids that are injected into our bodies, we are suspicious of foggy, non-transparent ones. Quality, CBD vaporizing liquids have been carefully selected and distributed uniformly. If the oil separates and floats on top, it can damage the vaporizer and lead to uneven CBD utilization.


How CBD oil is extracted?

CBD oil is extracted without the use of harmful solvents.

The Royal Queen Seeds CBD E-liquid was produced by a patented process. Start with a raw carbon dioxide paste, then the result is a wax, chlorophyll and fat-free liquid. With this method, the beneficial terrain remains intact and unchanged, ensuring the sweet taste of cannabis. Our e-liquids contain an even amount of CBD, which can be verified in certified, third-party test results - to make sure you know what you're getting for your money.


Where did the CBD oil come from?

Ethics plays a very important role in considering buying a lot of products. This is also the case with the CBD. It is of the utmost importance that we know the source of the substances we deliver to our bodies. With a small web search, you can now find out if you are using the CBD oil you are using from bio or other sustainable cannabis plantations. What agricultural processes have been used for it? What are production operations? What are the ways to extract? All these issues play a key role in preventing your body from being exposed to insecticides, microorganisms and other poisons.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid that is of great interest to medical professionals and patients. Vaporization has been shown to be the most effective way to get CBD into the body. Your well-thought-out decision will only guarantee you the best quality product that is tailored to your needs and will have a fully beneficial effect.



If the CBD is extracted in the form the cannabis plant. This mass can be further refined into a hard, glassy material called shatter.

This concentrated form of CBD is used to quickly heat, spray, and then breathe through a special device. This action is called dabbing. When a person consumes the substance in such a concentrated form, the physical and mental effects of CBD suction intensify.


Alex Mihailov