Common Myths and Misconceptions About CBD Oil

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Hemp plant as the source of CBD oil triggers different reactions among scientists. CBD has significant health benefits mainly because of its natural occurrence in the environment. The popularity has grown over the years with its link to health benefits. As the positive tale on health goes round so does misconceptions about its existence. It is a viral topic in health discussions among scientists, legislators, and in the newsrooms.

Even with the disparity in information about CBD, it is growing in popularity across the world. Several studies are in the globe to make a conclusion to the debate.

Here are common myths and misconceptions you have probably heard about CBD oil;

Makes you high

Most people associate CBD with drug effects. Hemp has multiple compounds that have different effects on the human body, but “highness” is far from CBD characteristics. Even if there is a possibility of influencing emotions, the effect can only be at high temperatures. People only get high when they smoke the contents of Marijuana because of heating the contents. Nevertheless, cannabinoids is not THC; linking it to high emotions as a drug is baseless.

On the contrary, CBD oil is free from any toxins or foreign elements. It is mainly natural components that enhance the functionality of body cells. Actually, cannabinoids reverse effects of THC, which is known to cause highness when exposed to high temperatures. CBD does not have any active effect on the human body; while it exists in Marijuana, it is in a dormant and inactive state.

CBD is from Marijuana

Although this is true, the interpretation or assumption makes it wrong. Marijuana is a drug that makes people high, but this has nothing to do with cannabinoids. CBD co-exists with THC in Marijuana, which is the component responsible for the "high" effect.

In fact, the clinical component of CBD is possible because it is extracted from hemp. Hemp is a naturally occurring plant that exists in various parts of the world. There are no health risks related to this plant; all the benefits to immunity and improving body alkalinity are attributed to the presence of CBD. It is a highly sustainable plant.

Marijuana and hemp are the same

Wrong. The two are from the same family but grow in different climates and mature at different stages. Cultivation and application of hemp is totally different marijuana. Also, Marijuana does not do well in the tropics where hemp thrives.

Additionally, Marijuana contains high levels of THC, which is responsible for making people high. Marijuana is primarily used for recreational purposes and has medicinal value. On the other hand, Hemp is high in CBD with negligible contents of THC. Hemp is a primary component in skin products, food supplements as well as cloth and paper manufacturing.

CBD is a sedative

One of the ongoing studies is focusing on CBD's effect on anxiety. There are several instances of people consuming CBD to relax or feel free from stress. It gives a sense of relief because of its effect on the spinal cord. It calms the nerves. Also, most marijuana products, which have high THC concentrations have traces of CBD that leads to its mistaken conclusion.  While there is an effect on the nerves and makes people feel relaxed, it should not be assumed to be a sedative.

Effectiveness is in high contents

Evidently, CBD has immense health benefits. However, taking it in large amounts does not boost health status. In fact, the secret to maximizing the benefits of CBD is in balancing consumption. If you are using CBD for medicinal value, it should be on doctor prescription. While it is easily available in farms and can be consumed in different forms, doctor prescription is recommended.

The effectiveness of CBD oil is not only based on the amount but also on the length of use, metabolism rate, weight, and health status. This means that suitability of dosage varies from one person to another. Doctor examination is the best way to determine proper dosage to address a specific health concern or achieve a health objective.

Alex Mihailov