CBD Oils vs Tinctures?


CBD tinctures are an old method used to pass on the medical benefits of cannabis to patients. The highly potent Cannabis (due to high THC content) form tincture. The traditional extraction methods and consumption techniques were purely used for medical applications. They are, therefore, the oldest forms of extractions in the mass market. Simply put, a tincture dissolves cannabis in alcohol to be consumed for medical purposes.

Oils are popular today because they are derived from hemp rather than marijuana; hence the legalization by federal law. The industrial hemp is considered by the FDA like any other edible plant because of the low levels of THC at not more than 0.3%. The products are made with a base or carrier oil (mostly coconut) and are versatile. They can either be ingested or applied as lotion to the skin. The latter alternative of application yields quicker results. This rapid reaction is due to the quick absorption via the skin to take immediate effect within an hour of use. More stores around the states are stocking CBD oils, as the demand shoots.

Tinctures have served as medical solutions for a long time thanks to the effective ingredient within. They are completely dissolved in high proof alcohol to serve as a solvent and offers quick responses, as is the case with edibles. When dissolved in high alcohol concentration, the herb affects the expedites of chemicals in the body. Since it must first travel in the digestive tract, it is often taken orally but takes more time to manifest the effects.

The best part is that tinctures are low-calorie products. Daily use can be enough for a patient with chronic illness to manage their pain. We offer great products for everyones needs. Below are some of our top sellers. Feel free to browse in our shop for more extensive products list.

Alex Mihailov