Antibiotic Resistance Bacteria

Antibiotic Resistance Bacteria Antibiotic-resistant bacteria is a major problem in society. Back in 1928 when the antibiotic drugs were discovered they created a revolution in the medical healthcare industry. In the following years, more antibiotics were produced and used by the public. World Health Administration reported that the consequences were shocking. Mainly because the overuse of antibiotics weakened their effectiveness as new antibiotic-resistant bacteria emerged. About 2 million American are affected by antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Luckily, CBD may be nature’s key to solving this problem. Research on CBD for Antibiotic Resistance Researchers in Britain and Italy have come to the conclusion that CBD has the ability to attack and kill drug-resistant bacteria in the human body. That is why its an effective aid against bacterial infections that are resistant to antibiotics. In the study, CBD was used against 6 antibiotic-resistant bacteria and it showed effective ability to fight the bacteria. Currently, no other drug is more effective than CBD in dealing with antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

How CBD Works

Researchers say that CBD has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties that make it beneficial for many conditions. This is especially true then CBD is applied topically on the infected areas. This means that CBD can be used as a less expensive alternative for antibiotic-resistant infections compared to current antibiotics. Most importantly, CBD has proven its ability to fight antibiotic bacteria more effectively than any other antibiotics that are available today. Things to consider before using CBD for Antibiotic-resistant Bacteria In spite of the research, CBD is associated with the plant cannabis which is legal in some states but is still considered as a Schedule I substance on the federal level. This translates to cannabis not having any medical value in the healthcare industry according to them. In turn, this stops the development and research of drugs using the CBD compound. Be as it may, we offer a variety of CBD products that can provide relief from antibiotic-resistant bacteria.