Alzheimer’s condition is a chronic and neurodegenerative disorder that is linked to gradual neuronal loss and cognitive decline. Most of the time this condition affects the elderly between the ages of 65 and 80 years. What causes this condition is an unknown etiology and genetics. Patients suffering from this condition experience cognitive impairments, difficulty to speak.As well as short and future amnesia.

In most severe cases patients can’t recognize their children and experience a loss of social recognition completely. That’s because Alzheimer’s condition causes irreversible changes in the brain. Studies on using CBD for Alzheimer’s Past research studies have shown that CBD can be beneficial for people with severe Alzheimer’s condition due to its antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective properties. However, in severe cases, this condition is irreversible and making progress can be challenging. Researchers in Australia concluded that oral administration CBD enhances social recognition. In this study, 20mg of CBD was given to mice. The results showed that mice were not affected by social recognition deficit while taking CBD. Even in mice who had severe Alzheimer’s condition, CBD was still showing an improvement in their symptoms. They also noted that CBD may have an accumulative effect on Alzheimer’s patients because even though mice still showed some symptoms of Alzheimer’s, they generally had better cognition the longer the CBD was given to them. Moreover, scientists have concluded that CBD encourages the continuation of neuro-inflammatory processes in the mice’s brains. CBD and Neurogenesis A notable benefit of CBD is its ability to regulate neurogenesis that takes place in the hippocampus. This is a method through by which new neurons are generated.

Scientists have discovered that people suffering from Alzheimer’s severe condition have impaired neurogenesis.Thus, CBD may be used as a therapeutic aid for Alzheimer’s severe condition by promoting neurogenesis and memory performance. Please keep in mind that CBD relieves Alzheimer’s without getting the “high effect” like marijuana.